Monday, May 2, 2011


FOREX is not gambling if we have knowledge in carrying out this trade, in addition we pray to god we must also make every effort to not lose money, that is with us to buy foreign exchange at the lowest price and sell them back at current exchange rates are more higher than the price that we buy. Once we learn the science of how to trade foreign exchange rates, we try to understand it. after we are sure, we should start with forex explation mode which is usually provided by the forex broker, try to use virtual money trading as an exercise. dont easy to panic by the market circumstances, submit to God after we make a decision in determining the price, our decision in determining the price before making a transaction that should be based on economics are clear, we must know the change in interest rates of every country we buy value currency. If we do not have any knowledge of the transaction value of this currency trading, forex then be like betting or gambling.

Prof. Drs. Zuhdi Masjfuk entitled Masail FIQHIYAH; In his Capita Selecta Islamic law, that free Forex (Foreign Currency Trading) is allowed in Islamic law.

Trading foreign currencies arise becouse of trade for goods / commodities between countries that are international. Trade (Export-Import) This course requires a tool paying or commonly called the tool of exchange that have been agreed by the world community in the form of money. in which each country has its own provisions and different from each other in accordance with supply and demand among these countries. which raised the ratio of the value of currency between countries.

The difference in currency values ​​across the country gathered in a MARKET EXCHANGE or an international nature and bound in a mutually beneficial agreement.

The currency of a country with other countries is changing (volatile) at any time based on the volume of demand and supply. The existence of demand and supply is what caused the transaction currency. The clarity is the exchange of currency whose value is different.

NO AGREEMENT: There is an agreement to give and receive
The seller handed over the goods and the buyers pay cash.
a deal done with oral, written and intermediaries.
Buyers and sellers have full authority to carry out and taking legal action (and minded advice)

Qualified to be the object of transaction, namely:
Sacred goods (not goods that violate the law)
Can be used
Can be handed over
Obviously the price of goods and
Sold (purchased) by the owners themselves or on behalf of the owner permission
Goods already in hand if the goods obtained in exchange.

Do you buy fish in the water, because it really such a bargain which contain adequate fraud. " (Hadith Ahmad ibn Hambal and Al Bayhaqi from Ibn Mas'ud)
Offers to buy goods that are not in place of transactions allowed under the condition described its properties or characteristics. Then if the goods in accordance with the information seller, selling purchasing.

But if it does not fit the buyer has the right to think first before making a decision whether or not a sale and purchase transactions are done, that may continue or cancel the sale and purchasing.
Any person who bought something that he did not see him, then he is entitled to postpone the purchase decision is if he has not seen it.

Buying and selling crops that are still hidden, such as potatoes, onions and so on are also allowed, as long as the given example, becaose will experience difficulty or loss if the plants have to spend all that pent up for sale.

Likewise, buying and selling goods that have been wrapped / sealed, such as food and so on, provided that describe the contents labeled.

Conditions to be fulfilled in every FOREX transaction, ie cash transactions, it is not the tempo, if the transaction occurs FOREX tempo (either one of them or both), then included in the banned Islamic nasi'ah usury.

Any profits generated from business that is not kosher is not halal / haram too. So the father attract capital from the business that is not kosher. And if there are profits from the business, distributed for donations to the needy.

The definition of foreign currency is foreign currency such as U.S. dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit and so forth.

When international trade occurs between countries, each country needed foreign currency as a means of payment abroad in the world is called foreign exchange trading. For example, Indonesian exports will earn income from the eksport, Indonesia requires a result contrary import to import from abroad.

Thus there will be supply and demand in foreign currency exchange. Each state management authorities set the exchange rate money each (is a comparison of their monetary value against foreign currencies), such as 1 U.S. dollar = 9200 rupiah. However, comparison of the exchange rate at any time may vary depending on the economic strength of each country. Listing of exchange of money and the sale and purchase of foreign currency held in Foreign Currency Exchange seemed to more clearly see the explanation below:

Recently I attended a Forex course at a private company, Stable Alliance The trade deal Forex (Foreign Exchange Currency), operate in Megan Avenue. I am interested to increase my income through forex besides looking for other sources to reduce the debt that I have at a private bank in Indonesia. In the event the introduction of the currency trading Indonesian banks from various banks or foreign countries (countries other than Indonesia), they explain how to transact trades the currency exchange rate. Among the terms mutlat a candidate for a currency trader he must have some money already in the set if the intermediary or what we refer to as brokers. If the money we have already entered into the trading account currency exchange rates that we have made in the bank that has been set by the brokers FOREX new then we can make buying and selling these currencies, and as a security transaction exchange buying and selling rates money is the international banks will oversee all the activities we do through these brokers. If we make a mistake then all that remains of our capital account in the brokers will be refunded directly by the bank to us. So also when forex brokers make mistakes in the process of currency exchange transactions are then permission from brokers forex transactions will be revoked in full by the banks involved in the transaction.